Post: Spooky Halloween Printable's from Pottery Barn!


    A few years ago my husband and I were flipping through Pottery Barn's annual 'Halloween' catalog. We happened upon the picture above and my husband turned to me and said "I have to HAVE those photos in the frames!"  You see, my husband is a HUGE fan of vintage Halloween goodies. So after hunting down the source of the photos we placed them in frames around our home during the month of October. The photos are really fun and have creeped many a visitor out. At first glance these photos look normal...and slowly you suddenly realize that some (actually all) have lost their heads! 

   We have received SO many requests as to where we purchased these photos--and I am finally ready to share the source with all of you! Pottery Barn actually offered these to their readers for FREE (but many didn't know about them at the time!)...so you can download them here for FREE
Happy Spooking!

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Zen Mama said...

Seriously? I had always wondered where you got those! Brilliant.

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