Review and Giveaway: Trout Fishing in America

Is there anything more quintessential to childhood than tongue twisters? Feats of strength for the newly developed speech units, kids just love to race through these phrases and try to stump their friends. It's because the title track of Trout Fishing In America's newest album, Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers, is all about tongue twisters that I think the band's secret is out. They have grown up costumes they wear complete with [what my father calls] adult blonde wigs, but these two are just a pair of kids.

It shows in their music. Who but a kid would devote an entire song to tongue twisters? Who but a kid would sing of a creepy dead bug and transform the story to make the narrator a hero who saved the town? Who but a kid would consider the grossest thing he'd ever seen to be his sister kissing her boyfriend? Who but a kid would understand all the different translations for "Meow, Meow, Meow?" Who but a kid could write an entire song titled Don't Touch My Stuff! (Another note on Creepy Dead Bug, my kids had it memorized almost immediately and are absolutely convinced the bug in reference is a cicada. If you believe it to be otherwise please let us know.)

Zoo Wacky Zoo inspired the kids laughter and imagination as they pictures zombie turtles and gangster guinea pigs, not to mention the monkey in a tutu who promises us "you're gonna love it/everything is free/with a money-back guarantee." Boo! is the brilliant kindie adaptation of Haydn's Surprise Symphony, which admittedly gave me a jump with the very first Boo! and now makes the kids hysterical with every last one. Despite our triple digit temperatures as we listened to this album the kids responded even to C-C-C-Cold Outside and loved the imagery of a marshmallow boat in a hot chocolate sea.

You can try to tell me that the band is comprised of adults. You can point to their musical prowess; to their clever lyrics that make us all laugh, kids and parents alike; to their Grammy nominations; to the fact that this duo has been a band for almost (but not quite) as long as I have been alive. I will tell you simply that they are clearly prodigies with access to time-altering magic, for they are most certainly boys. It's the only logical explanation for how well these two understand being kids. If you're a long-time fan of Trout Fishing in America or new to the band, you will love their new album. Be sure to check out Trout Radio on their home page for a sneak listen to three of our favourite tracks from this album because this CD doesn't go live until September 3rd. The website also includes lesson plans for educators and coloring pages and other fun things for kids.

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Tamar said...

My grandfather who passed taught me this one:

One smart fella
he felt smart

two smart fellas
they felt smart

three smart fellas
they felt smart

... keep going

say it faster

done yet?

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Sally sells sea shells...

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peter piper is the only one i can think of
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Atreau said...

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers.

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