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When I was teaching, I had some very beautifully-illustrated books that I used to help teach parts of speech.  As lovely as they were many of my reluctant readers didn't engage with the books.  While I still continue my love for these books and share them with my homeschooling friends, I am always on the lookout for something that'll do a better job of reaching those children who most need the information but just aren't connecting with the words that share a page with the most vibrant, ornate illustrations I've ever seen.  That old series of books has been out of print for years, anyway.

Friends, it is 2012.  Our grammar is worse than it has ever been and many of us (myself included) are concerned that we are dumbing ourselves down with each innovation in technology.  Read the New York Times discussion on this subject.  Shouldn't technology be the tools we use to improve ourselves?  Fortunately, if you seek it, you can find it.

Grammaropolis was created and refined in the classroom.  The Mayor of Grammaropolis' secret identity is as Coert Voorhees, who instructs 7th grade children in grammar.  The students quickly tired of memorizing dictionary definitions but when he changed course and asked students to personify the parts of speech and write a story using them as characters, their enthusiams blossomed and real learning began.  "An adverb as a definition was abstract," Voorhees says, "but an adverb as the protagonist of a story suddenly because bossy, became personified, became personified, became memorable."  That is how he came to develop an online program with accompanying music and books to teach grammar in a way that is engaging. 

I received "Doctor Noize and the Mayor Present: Grammaropolis" on CD with the "Grammaropolis presents Vinny the Action Verb & Lucy the Linking Verb" book (the 3rd book in the parts of speech series).  The story, in the form of a graphic novel (much more modern than the old books I'd been using!) explains the differences between action verbs and linking verbs with a supporting cast that includes Lil' Pete the preposition, Jake the adjective, Benny the adverb, and Slang.  This vocabulary-rich and easy to follow story is cute and clever. The CD contains all the music you can get from the online program; each part of speech has a song and musical style.  My children absolutely gobbled up the book and music; whereas many teaching tools tend to be girl-centric this is something that appeals to both genders.

Perfect for home, school, and homeschool environments, Grammaropolis is just what I was looking for when I was teaching and I'm excited to have it for my own children's use.  Visually designed to keep young children engaged, with energetic music to boot, kids will connect and have fun learning.  It's clever enough that adults could benefit from a refresher course as well.  After a couple of sessions with Grammaropolis the whole family will be ready for the next episode of family Mad Libs.

Check out the website to see for yourself and follow along with facebook and twitter for some exciting new releases coming very soon! 


One lucky Cherry Blossoms {The Blog} will receive the Grammaropolis CD and one of the parts of speech book.

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nightowl said...

I think it's a good idea, because it is something that isn't being taught as much.

Denise said...

My grammer (and spelling) is atrocious.... if we can teach our kids, they could teach us!

Joana Arteaga said...

i think grammer is very important

Saver Sara said...

Grammer is so important and it is really slacking in today's society.

slb3334 said...

It's very important.


Miranda Ward said...

I think its very important!


Donna said...

I think grammar is imporatant. In this age of texting I think we moved away from proper writing.

Entered under facebook name Dawn Skye

Stephanie said...

I think its probably more needed now more than ever before. With all the technology out today, kids learn how to shorten the words, so they forget how they are actually spelled and used in the correct way. It's very important!

Melissa said...

It is sorely needed!
lisa.blogs2 at gmail.com

Valerie Taylor Mabrey said...

We are slipping on our ability to teach.
vmkids3 at msn dot com

saturdaynightfever said...

I heart the structure of grammar!


Jammie Morey said...

Grammar is a must!

Diane52 said...

We need to get back to teaching grammar basics in school
Diane Baum

Mnemosyne said...

I began learning grammar at a fairly early age (diagramming sentences in 2nd grade) and they used song to teach a lot of it. I feel that it's given me a real edge and more children should start at a younger age.

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Gianna said...

It's very important. It's not really being taught anymore.

susansmoaks said...

grammar is hard for me but i like to know what i am talking about
susansmoaks at gmail dot com

laurasloves said...

I think grammar is very important. What children learn now they will take with them when they become adults.
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

kathy pease said...

I think its very important especially with all the slang out there nowadays

Sarah Yurga said...

I think that everyone on facebook needs it!

/\Heather/\ said...

I love my grammar! I am harsh on those who don't love grammar!

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