Review: Cygnett

Does this situation sound familiar to you?
As you browse the aisles of the electronic department you are met with a plethora of covers for your electronic devices... and you suddenly feel overwhelmed....

-anxiety. panic. confusion.-
Which cover should you pick?

Why not go with a company that is 100% behind every product they make-Cygnett.
Phew, now you can relax and actually enjoy your device...!

A bit about Cygnett
Cygnett designs, develops and manufactures innovative digital accessories for the world’s most popular gadgets and technology. From cases and accessories for iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets to portable speakers, earphones, power products and laptop bags, Cygnett is celebrated as one of the world’s major digital accessories designers and manufacturers.

Cygnett's digital accessories and products shield and connect the digital world, letting customers explore it with more peace of mind and shape it with more variety and choice. Cygnett packaging is recyclable and partially biodegradable, because Cygnett believes the digital world should care for the physical one.

Cygnett loves what they do. It shows in the quality materials they choose, the extensive range they offer and the extra effort they put into making products that customers look forward to using every day. Modern, fresh and dedicated to inventive design, Cygnett goes the extra mile to make everyones digital experience enjoyable.

With offices on four continents, products in over 45,000 worldwide retail outlets and in more than 40 countries, Cygnett's success is built largely on its ability to design and deliver quality digital accessories and products that tap into what all customers want – protection, fashion and function.

My Review

I was sent the following items from Cygnett to review;
Aerosphere Bubble Case for iPhone (Black), Apollo Hybrid Case for iPhone (Purple),
Nomad Case for iPhone (Black), Alumni Canvas Case for iPad/iPad2 (Pink), Lavish Connect Case for iPad/iPad2 (Black). Each of the products that I was sent to review are beyond my expectations. The iPhone covers are made to protect the iPhone and last many years. The favorite of all my iPhone covers has to be the Apollo Hybrid Case- it comes with an anti-scratch/fingerprint-proof surface with a shock absorbent interior. The cover attaches securely to keep dust and dirt at bay-yet is easily removable at any time. The raised edges along the sides and the screen protector make sure that the phone is fully protected. 
My friend, Robin LOVES the nomad case-she loves how it snaps on and keeps her phone protected as well as looking chic.  

      I can't seem to choose between the two iPad cases I was sent to review. I love the brightness of the Alumni Canvas Case (and the hidden magnets that put the iPad to sleep and wakes it up-seamlessly) and I love the versatility of the Lavish Connect. The Lavish Connect comes with a super-thin magnetically attached 84 Key QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard and stand and just like the Alumni the Lavish Connect sleeps and wakes with hidden magnet. While the Lavish Connect is a bit more bulky (obviously because of the keyboard)...I really can't choose between either case. I love having the added option of a keyboard for the iPad and I love the protection both cases provide. So if you are in the market for a new cover for any of your devices or are in need of speakers, earphones, etc....be sure to turn to Cygnett to see their wide variety of wonderful products.

I was sent this product free of charge.
This has in no way affected my opinion.
This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words.

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