Paradise Grove Avocados Review

Here in our home we try to eat as healthy as we can and that means stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables! One of our favorite fruits are Hass Avocados {Yes, Avocados are fruit not a vegetable...} and I always have some ripening on our counters. Hass Avocados are not only delicious but they are healthy as well. Hass Avocados are packed with anti-oxidants, lutein (protects eyesight), beta-sitosterol (helps lower cholesterol), glutathione (may prevent throat and mouth cancers) and vitamin E (good for the heart). Avocados also have more potassium and magnesium (good for your brain) than bananas and the fat in Avocados is healthy, mono-unsaturated fat. Unfortunately here on the East Coast it's quite difficult to get top quality Hass Avocados and that's where Paradise Grove comes into play...

A bit about 'Paradise Grove'
   Paradise Grove is located on 250 acres in the coastal foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains in Ventura County, California. Pat and Janette Byrnes own Paradise Grove and noticed how difficult it was to find anything similar in the grocery store.Upon learning that Paradise Grove sells most of their Avocados to food service companies for sale only in fine restaurants, the Byrnes decided to create their own website. They wanted the ability to sell their Avocados directly to the public so others could enjoy their delicious fruit as well.

A bit about Paradise Grove 'Avocados'
    Paradise Grove's California Hass Avocados are hand grown and hand picked. Paradise Grove is privately owned and thus able to harvest their Avocados at the perfect time to ensure optimum size and quality.

Did you know that all Avocados are harvested green? An Avocado left on the tree until it turns black will fall off the tree while still hard and then ripen on the ground. All harvested Avocados are cut with clippers by hand, leaving a stem nub.

Unlike Chilean and Mexican groves which often harvest when the fruit is still under-mature and watery, Paradise Grove waits until their fruit has fully matured and reached a size of 8 oz. Very rarely will you find Avocados of that magnitude in your local grocery store.

My Review
    I was sent a large Package of 8 Hass Avocados from Paradise Grove to review. I must say that these Avocados are absolutely beautiful...all of them are uniformly the same size and when first sent were a gorgeous shade of green. It took about a week until my Avocados were ripe enough to eat and let me tell you...it was hard to wait that long! Thankfully my patience paid off because these Avocados are the best I have ever tasted-rich and thick not watery or stringy! Normally 4-5 Avocados from the grocery store could give me just enough guacamole to feed my family...I only had to use two of the Paradise Grove Avocados...that just shows how large these are! So if you have a home of Avocado lovers I highly recommend trying Paradise Grove Avocados...they are pure paradise!

The company did send me a product or service for review. This in no way has affected my opinion of the product or service. This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words. 

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