Boom Chicka Pop

     I love sweets. I do my best to keep my body healthy and for this reason I try to steer clear of all things sugar. I know as soon that sugary goodness hits my lips, I am a goner.  I am a sucker for baked goods; brownies, cookies, cupcakes... yum... cupcakes. I also love popcorn.  It's nearly impossible for me to sit down, turn on a movie, and cuddle up to my husband without one of us bringing a bowl of freshly popped popcorn to the couch. 

I brought home a bag of Angie's Boom Chicka Pop Frosted Cupcake Flavored Kettle Corn the other day and I barely got it to the kitchen before it was ripped open and devoured by my family. Holy Cow, can we say delicious?! It really tasted just like a frosted cupcake. There were even little sprinkles on practically every piece of popcorn. My little girls (and my husband) could not get enough. They ate it so quickly that I didn't get a picture of them shoving it into their mouths! 

Want to know the best part?? Angie's BoomChicka Pop Frosted Cupcake Flavored Kettle Corn is only 130 calories per cup! As Angie would say, "Why yes, you can have your BOOM and eat it too." All their products are certified Gluten Free, and they only use non-GMO ingredients so you can be sure you are getting a high quality popcorn masterpiece. Angie's has a variety of popcorn flavors to choose from, all satisfying that buttery, and sometimes sweet, popcorn or CUPCAKE craving just a little bit healthier.

I received this items free of charge for the purpose of my review.
This has in no way affected my opinion.
This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words.


"The Littlest Bunny; an Easter Adventure" and GIVEAWAY!

I've talked about how much I love reading books to my kids. Once we get started, it's hard to stop. They will just keep bringing me book after book after book. And we can't just read each book one time, we read them at least twice before we can move on to the next one. It's so much fun and I love to see the joy in their eyes. Reading is truly the cornerstone of learning and I love knowing that they are on their way to developing a love for reading, even as such small kiddos.

Much like Texas, Idaho has proud residents. They love were they live, they love their Sports Teams, and they love their potatoes. Since becoming a transplant Idahoan, I've come to see that Idaho really is a hidden Gem (pun intended). We have been here almost four years now and have really found our niche. It's a place that really feels like home for us.

Easter is coming up and I was super excited to get this new book, "The Littlest Bunny in Idaho; an Easter Adventure." My girls were in Heaven. We've read the book so many times they can practically recite it word for word. It starts off with a little brother and sister picking a bunny from a pet store, only to discover that the littlest bunny "Flop" is actually the Easter Bunny. The pictures in the book are so colorful and vibrant and it's been so fun to flip through and see places we know and can relate to. The kids in the book even have Boise State Broncos flags in their room! Anyone familiar with Idaho understands that the Broncos are serious business around here. The book also has an Easter egg hunt with eggs hidden in several of the illustrations for the littles to find. My 4 year old told me today the egg hunt is her favorite part. 

Join Sourcebooks in celebrating Easter with the Littlest Bunny this year! There is a book for every state, and even a few cities in Canada! Enter for your chance to win a Littlest Bunny book of your choice, just in time for Easter below....


I received these items free of charge for the purpose of my review.
This has in no way affected my opinion.
This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words.

The Giveaway
open to U.S. residents only
Enter for your chance to win a "Littlest Bunny Book" (Winner's Choice), just in time for Easter!

Enter after the jump!


Master Lock No. 5900D SafeSpace® Portable Personal Safe

Product Details: The Master Lock No. 5900D SafeSpace® Portable Personal Safe features durable construction made to withstand abuse and is water resistant. The safe measures 2-1/5in (57mm) H x 9-2/5in (23.9cm) W x 5-1/10in (13.1cm) D; and is ideal for recreation, campus, office, travel or leisure use. The safe includes a cable to wrap securely around a fixed object or use as a carrying handle. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind from a brand you can trust.

Photo: Neely Elizabeth Photography

My Review

“We go to the beach, go in the water, put your wallet in the sneaker —who's gonna know? What criminal mind could penetrate this fortress of security?

‘I put it down by the toe. They never look there.’

‘They check the heels, they move on.’” 

— Jerry Seinfeld, I’m Telling You for the Last Time

GUILTY! I love the beach, but I hate that feeling of uncertainty and concern about my personal items when I venture out into the ocean or when I want to take a little nap in the sun. Is my phone safe? Is it burning up in direct sunlight? Like Jerry describes, I typically throw my money, keys, and jewelry into the bottom of my beach bag and cover it with a towel. I never feel like my stuff is safe and I have no sense of security while I'm attempting to relax on the shore.

Photo: Neely Elizabeth Photography

The Master Lock No. 5900D SafeSpace® Portable Personal Safe is the perfect solution. This small Personal Safe is water resistant, durable, and lightweight (I held it under the faucet to test if it was truly water resistant and it is). It allows you to create your own four-digit combination to secure your belongings. The cable wrap is really helpful as well, working much like a bicycle lock to secure around a solid object. It works seamlessly within the overall design of the case, wrapping around the seam in a locked position when not in use.

Photo: Neely Elizabeth Photography

I think it’s really easy to lock and unlock, once you figure out the order of things. For example, once you enter the correct combination, you have to push a button on the right to open the case and a button on the left to access the cable. Once you unlock the cable, you can’t re-lock it until you enter the correct code…I had a little trouble figuring this out but it actually gave me more confidence in its security once I did (it would probably help if I read the manual that came with the case…but I like to figure things out on my own.)

Photo: Neely Elizabeth Photography

The interior is of the case lined with a soft pad to protect your more delicate items such as sunglasses, phones, and cameras. I hope they come out with a cute purse that works the same way… I hate bad guys.

My Conclusion

This Portable Safe is perfect for homes, dorms, travel, and much more.



    Winter seems to be lasting forever this year. I get so chilly throughout the day that the only thing I want is soup. I was so excited when I heard about Campbell's® Organic new line of six soups which are 'Grown to be delicious!'(TM) 

Campbell's Organic soups are made with certified organic ingredients with the delicious taste you expect from Campbell's. Each of the 6 delicious soups are ready to enjoy featuring farm-grown ingredients with NO preservatives. 

The line of Campbell's Organic includes;

-Chicken Noodle
    Our classic chicken noodle soup recipe combines savory chunks of chicken with farm- grown vegetables, hearty noodles, and a perfect blend of herbs and seasoning. Comfort
food for you and your family.

-Chicken Tortilla
   Tender chunks of chicken are blended with southwest-inspired seasoning to create this delicious, savory soup. Black beans, corn, and peppers give our recipe a farmer-grown kick of vegetable goodness together with white corn tortilla chips.

Both Chicken Noodle and Chicken Tortilla are;

  • USDA Certified Organic 
  • No preservatives 
  • Non GMO* 
  Campbell’s Organic Lentil Soup starts at the farm where organic carrots, peppers, celery, and kale are grown to be delicious. Our recipe, crafted from the kitchens at Campbell, combines these delicious vegetables with green lentils for a savory soup.

-Garden Vegetable with Herbs
  Our vegetable soup is a true celebration of nature’s bounty! Hearty chunks of garbanzo beans, carrots, peppers, corn, and kale are perfectly seasoned with herbs in a savory tomato-based broth.

-Creamy Butternut Squash
  Our recipe starts with organic butternut squash and vegetable stock blended with a touch of cream and spices for indulgently delicious flavor!

-Sun-Ripened Tomato and Basil
  Organic sun-ripened tomatoes, cream, and basil give this hearty soup a depth of flavor we know will make our farmers proud.

-Garden Vegetable with Herbs
   Lentil, Creamy Butternut Squash and Sun-Ripened Tomato and Basil are;

USDA Certified Organic
No preservatives
Non GMO*

*Made using ingredients grown without genetic engineering.

My Review
    I was sent two containers of Sun-Ripened Tomato and Basil to review from Campbell's Organic line of soups. My husband and are are HUGE fans of Tomato soup especially during the cold winter months. So, on one of the coldest days of the year, we decided to try Campbell's Organic Sun-Ripened Tomato and Basil soup. Upon opening the container I was met with the strong aroma of fresh tomatoes and garlic. The soup was super easy to heat up on the stove--just pour and heat. An easy, filling and healthy dinner that takes less than 10 minutes to heat up? Now, that is my type of meal! My husband and I decided to pair the soup with some grilled cheese sandwiches and it was the perfect combination. The soup was robust, full of SO much flavor and kept our tummies nice and warm. My eight year old daughter gave the soup a try and really enjoyed it as well. We will definitely be picking up lots more Campbell's Organic soups-I can't wait to try the other varieties.

Click here to print a $1 OFF coupon for Campbell's Organic!

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I received these items free of charge for the purpose of my review.
This has in no way affected my opinion.
This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words.


Bend the Rules with HP and Meghan Trainor's 'That Bass' tour

   I am SO excited to announce that Cherry Blossoms {the blog} has partnered with...
 HP and Meghan Trainor!

This February & March, HP and Collectively are going on the road with Meghan Trainor to cover her entire US tour, "That Bass". From Vancouver to Nashville, HP will have a camera crew and some Meghan Trainor fans from her Lips Are Movin’ video to help bring the tour to life—check it out here!

 In "All About That Tour:" You will be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at key elements of Meghan's tour-hair and makeup to choreography hosted by Lips Are Movin' costars; Barkley the Pom, Bri Emery and more.

HP will also be making a "Fan Generated Documentary:" by using Viners, YouTubers, and Instagramers to capture footage of each tour stop on Meghan's tour. HP encourages fans to share away then when all is put together your footage may be featured!

    I am a huge fan of Meghan as I love that she embraces positive body image and that her music is catchy and fun. HP's and I go WAY back--my first computer as a high school student was an HP, my first computer in college was an HP and my first computer as a Mother was an HP. HP's have always been 'Bending the Rules' and coming up with inventive products that can be used in new ways.  So you can imagine my excitement when I was sent an HP x360 to try.

The HP x360 is unlike other computers because it features four modes: Laptop, Tablet, Tent, and Stand by. Other than the different modes the HP x360 features an 11.6 inch diagonal touch screen and also features BeatsAudio™ that allows you to have the richest, audio on a PC. The HP x360 is also Energy Star Certified which means it generally uses 20% to 30% less energy than required by federal standards. The graphics are clear and vivid and perfect for movies, gaming...you name it. The HP x360 is so helpful for a busy Mom like me and the four modes help me get everything I need to get done in my day completed. 

Well almost everything....

Four Ways a BUSY Mom can benefit from using the
 HP x360!

      I love using the HPx360 Laptop mode helps me be productive whether it's used for blogging, working my part time job from home, checking email, chatting with friends via video, checking the weather and surfing the web. The laptop mode lets me blog from the comfort of my bed, kitchen table, metro, bus or friend's home. 

      The tablet mode is perfect to help me wind down at the end of a busy day. I can read a magazine, read my children a book, check the weather, read blogs and play games either with my children or on my own.

    The Tent is one of my favorite features as it allows me to place the computer on basically any surface to allow for great viewing of movies, youtube clips and Netflix. Since we don't have cable my family and I love to use this feature on a weekend or family night when we watch a movie together.

    I love to use the Stand By mode when I am cooking/baking in the kitchen. I am able to use the touch screen without making a mess on my keyboard. I can also listen to music while cooking or watch a cooking video in Stand By mode as well. 

You can follow along with the Meghan Trainor tour by watching Behind The Scenes episodes or following @HP for updates!

HP x360 from mottopuck on Vimeo.

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I was sent the HP x360 free of charge.
This has in no way affected my opinion.
This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words.


Build Your Blog Conference 2015

Wow! What a fun weekend! I went to the Build Your Blog Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah this last weekend. It was put on by the Blogger Network and one of my favorite Blogs: Six Sisters' Stuff. If you need a new recipe, they are the sisters that will help you get dinner on the table. I took the Beginning Social Media class by five of the six sisters and it was super fun to see them in person. I felt like I was meeting celebrities :) I am pretty new to this whole blogging world and I was shocked to realize the potential a blog can bring. It was so fun to be immersed into it and it left me inspired to want to do more.

Several of the classes I went to were taught by other bloggers. I loved this because it reminds you that there is a real person behind each blog. It's also fun to get to know the person that you have been following for so long behind a screen. One of my favorite classes was Affiliate Marketing (or Match Making) taught by Hobby to HOT. She was so entertaining and inspiring! She really lit a fire in each person that was there for the class.

Every time I walked into a class I felt torn because I knew that right next door there was another class I wanted to listen to. Luckily each class was recorded so I will be able to go back and watch everything I missed. I was also able to attend the Taste of Home Trends Event the first day. It was interesting to see the new trends and to begin to understand how things come and go.

The closing Gala was super fun. The Blogger of the Year awards were announced and The Str!ke was there to perform. I ran up to the front when the music started and felt like a teenager again for a minute, dancing and screaming the songs at the top of my lungs.

I loved the conference and can't wait to go back next year! If you are looking to Build Your Blog, start planning now. It's definitely worth the trip.


2015 Oscars BEST DRESSED Picks

Last night one of the biggest nights in Hollywood took place, the 2015 Oscars. 
I really love watching the Oscars for the fashion...it is fun to see who will stay classy, who will push the envelope and who will just show up in pajamas. 

I have gathered up my top favorite looks from the 2015 Oscars below. 
Photos via Getty Images

1. Marion Cotillard
2. Julianne Moore
3. Jamie Chung
4. Kerry Washington 
5. Jennifer Lopez

Who were your picks for best dressed?

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Spa Week's 3rd Annual Heart Over Heels Giveaway!

 For the third year in a row, Spa Week has partnered with the American Heart Association to raise awareness for heart disease. And when it comes to stomping out the nation’s number one killer of men and women, there’s no better way to do so than in killer heels.
 From now until March 8th, enter Spa Week's Heart Over Heels Giveaway for your chance to walk away with a brand new pair of Christian Louboutin pumps! For each entry Spa Week receives, they will make a donation to the American Heart Association. How’s that for looking good on the inside and out?
 And although only one lucky Spa Week-er will score massive style points in her new Loubies, there are also awesome prizes for the runner-up as well. From glitter-packed NCLA Valentine’s Day nail lacquer and nail wrap, Smashbox Be legendary lip gloss & lipstick, Rituals Diwali Delight and Touch of Light, to Red Door’s exclusive at-home facial products, there’s a basket full of beauty goodies to be won.
 Ready to score big while battling heart disease? Simply go to spaweek.com to enter this giveaway.
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Clean Eating and 21 Day Fix

        Our world has made it so easy to EAT. There are restaurants on practically every corner. Feeling a little hungry? Just follow the Golden Arches to find some fried deliciousness. Need an energy boost? Stop at our coffee shop and get a cup filled with caffeine and sugar. Our TVs are always advertising some delicious meal that makes your mouth water and there's a billboard down the street that has a picture of a Cheeseburger that would make your stomach growl even though you just had lunch. Not only do we want all the food we see, we want it NOW and we want it FAST. Have you ever stopped to think why you are still hungry after eating an hour ago and why you can't keep your eyes open once the afternoon hits?
     Most of us have heard the term "Clean Eating" at one point or another.  Now you want to know... what the heck is it?

"Clean eating is a deceptively simple concept. Rather than revolving around the idea of ingesting more or less of specific things (for instance, fewer calories or more protein), the idea is more about being mindful of the food's pathway between its origin and your plate. At its simplest, clean eating is about eating whole foods, or "real" foods — those that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible. However, modern food production has become so sophisticated that simply eating whole foods can be a challenging proposition these days." (Fitness Magazine)

I  discovered a true love for fitness and Health in college and decided to major in it. When I got pregnant and started popping out babies every other year, I realized that it was so much easier to grab a PopTart when I was on the go than it was to make a healthier choice. So, I joined America and gained weight. A lot of it. Even with all my years of study and the degree that says I know how to fix my weight gain problem, I had a hard time getting it off. Nothing was working because I couldn't find something I could really commit to. The gym was a struggle with my three small children and trying to cut out sugar and breads completely only made me binge on it. I had been so unhappy with myself knowing how far I had let my weight gain go and knew I needed to make a choice to make a change. I started to search out health inspired hashtags on Instagram like #fitmom and #fitforlife and I found something that truly changed my life: Beachbody and 21 Day Fix.

21 Day Fix is a DVD workout and nutrition program that was super easy for me to follow and maintain. I started seeing results within the first week which again motivated me to continue. The nutrition program didn't feel like a "diet" to me, it was a lifestyle change. It's focused on Clean Eating and portion control so you no longer have to count calories! This was huge for me because every time I try that I get discouraged and give up. The program comes with colored containers that you can measure your food in to make sure you are getting the right amount for your body and goals. And the best part... the workouts are only 30 minutes! Anyone can make time in their day for 30 minutes. I love this because it's short enough that I can do it while all my kids are awake and playing around me so I can still reserve their nap time as precious "me time". I don't have to waste it with a workout or a trek to the Gym.

My own weight loss is still a work in progress but I am so grateful to have the tools I need now to reach the goals I have set for myself; which is ultimately to be a healthier and happier me. I wanted to help inspire others to make the choice to change and begin their own weight loss journey, and being a Beachbody Coach was the best avenue for me to do that. I organize health and fitness challenge groups each month on Facebook where I help others to achieve their goals. The groups are a great place to find motivation and hold yourself accountable. I am always looking to expand my network and have newcomers join! Feel free to add me as a friend so that you can be informed and join in! I have a "Busy Mom Boot Camp" starting February 23rd.

             Don't let Your change wait another day.

              Make the choice. Make a Change. 


DIY & Crafts with Emilia: The Greatest Thing Free Print

Hi, I'm Emmie from My Someday in May, here again.  Today, I have another free print to share with you.  I know Valentines Day is over, but quotes about love never go out of style.  I decided to create a print of one of my favorite quotes.  It is from the movie Moulin Rouge with the steamy Ewan McGreggor and Nicole Kidman.  A classic in my humble opinion :)  I did a little bit of research and the quote originally came from a poem called "Nature Boy" by the poet Eden Ahbez (in case you wanted to know! :))

 I created a jpeg version and a pdf depending on how you want to print it.  I printed mine at Costco as a 5x7.

 If you like my picture clipboard, check out the tutorial I did HERE. 

Print a 5x7 picture HERE

Print a 8x10 picture HERE

Print the pdf version HERE

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